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Productivity Acedemic Counselling Transitions Program


 You’re concerned about your child’s excessive video game use, and it’s affecting their productivity. Our personalized coaching teaches goal-setting, task prioritization, and effective time management, which leads to successful personal growth.


Is your child struggling in school? It’s natural for parents to   worry when their child’s grades start slipping. Our program     includes study skills workshops with tutors to boost understanding and confidence, for academic success and lifelong learning skills.

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  • Reduce procrastination.

  • Limit distractions such as video games and phone time.

  • Productivity enhancement

  • Goal planning

  • Successful study skills

  • Improve self-confidence

Students in the PACT program see a 30% improvement in academic results compared to students who only do tutoring!

Your child is paired with a certified academic PACT counsellor and a tutor to provide assistance with studies and all other aspects essential for success.

Check for payment options via extended health benefits, such as Alberta Blue Cross or SunLife.



Are you struggling to understand your kid's behavior, and always fighting? Our counseling program provides tailored support for both parents and their kids, this improves family harmony and healthy development.

 Your child is unsure about their future? our program builds confidence, through coaching, workshops, and community connections. We promote a positive mindset shift. They will grow stronger and more confident in embracing new opportunities and navigating transitions.

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Who: Students

Where: Alberta

Don't have insurance? we're here to assist!

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