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Future Leaders and Scholars

Taking you to the next level

Future Leaders and Scholars  is a program that enriches the lives of youth by helping them realize their potential and develop lifelong skills that will be relevant in their daily lives. Our goal is to take youth brimming with talent and help them  cultivate their talents by imparting into them valuable skills such as public speaking , leadership development, effective communication and practicing a healthy lifestyle. This program is an  excellent opportunity to invest in your future as well as improving  your current situation as it will enable you to grow mentally, physically and emotionally in an uplifting environment  while being surrounded by like minded peers. .


Take the next step in your life journey, gain new perspectives on a variety of topics, reconnect with nature with our outdoor activities and most of all learn more about yourself at the Future Leaders and Scholars program.

Who: Young Adults ( 2 groups)

Ages 10-13 and 14-17
When: September to May
Where:  Calgary, Alberta
Cost: Early Bird $750  *Promo ends October 10*

Regular Price $1000


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